16 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank - with Thermowell, HERMS Coil and Laser Level Markings (Direct Fire)
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI-Inside Tangential
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI-Tangential
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI-Valve
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI-Valve 2
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI Inside
  • HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI-Laser Markings

16 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank - with Thermowell, HERMS Coil and Laser Level Markings (Direct Fire)


This premium 304 stainless steel 16 gallon Hot Liquor Tank contains many built-in professional grade features that will provide ultimate temperature control during your brewday.

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HL15TW-HC16-LL-TI (2632) 

Price: $589.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum Capacity: 16.6 gallons

This 16 gallon direct fire hot liquor tank features:

  • The large, 5/8" OD HERMS coil provides the ultimate in temperature control
  • Upper Tangential Inlet - Produces clear wort with just the right amount of fermentable sugars when circulating through
  • Laser Markings - Located inside the kettle for volume (gallons), these markings allow you to avoid having to use a sight glass and its connections
  • Thermowell - Helps you maintain the temperature reading throughout your entire mash
  • (1) 3/4 inch Ball Valve
  • (4) 1/2 inch Hose Barbs
  • 15.75" OD x 19.75"H (excluding the lid)
  • Clamps/Gaskets

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