200 Liter (53 Gallon) - Variable Capacity Tank (Round Bottom)
  • front view of a 200 Liter variable capacity tank round bottom
  • close up view of a 200 Liter variable capacity tank round bottom

200 Liter (53 Gallon) - Variable Capacity Tank (Round Bottom)


The flexibility our 200 Liter round bottom variable capacity wine tank allows you to segregate lots in your vineyard, maintain a variety of wine, and ferment in smaller batches.  These round bottom wine tanks are ideal for red wine and can be used as a wine fermenting tank, wine storage tank, and/or mixing tank.


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VC200RO-W-NJ (16011)

Price: $798.00

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  • Material: Premium 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum Capacity: 189 Liters (50 Gallons)
  • Tank Diameter: 650mm (25.6")
  • Tank Height: 650mm (25.6")
  • Bladder material: Polyurethane 
  • NOTE:  This picture is of our very similar 500L round bottom wine tank.  Actual 200L tank dimensions will vary slightly.

Features of this wine tank:

  • Round bottom with stampled pocket
  • Floading lid
  • Internal bright annealed stainless finish
  • External marbled finish floating lid
  • (1) total drain
  • (1) partial drain with stainless steel NPT valves
  • 3/8" sample valve with BSP threads
  • (1) tri clamp
  • !1) triclamp gasket
  • Stand Sold Separately
  • Our ROUNDED BOTTOM WINE TANKS are better for reds or wines with heavy sediment. 

We stock a complete line of stainless steel variable capacity wine tanks, in a variety of sizes, and bottom shapes. Get us involved early in the process of designing your winery.  We can provide guidance and pricing on the wine tanks to make sure your winery process is as efficient as it can be, and allow you to make the best wine possible.  We can also provide a complete line of primary wine fermenters and wine storage tanks.  Let us know what you need, and we can even custom build a tank just for your needs.  

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