7 BBL / 290 Gallon Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank (with Bottom Heat Shield)
  • Hot Liquor Tank
  • Tangential inlet on Hot Liquor Tank
  • Hot Liquor Tank
  • Bottom Heat Shield

7 BBL / 290 Gallon Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank (with Bottom Heat Shield)


Direct fire can be an economical way to heat your brewery and avoid the cost of a steam boiler if you do not have enough electrical power to use an electric system. 

This premier 304 stainless steel 7 BBL / 290 Gallon Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank features:

  • Side heat shields - protect the brewer
  • A bottom heat shield to help protect the burner control components from the heat that can build up under the kettle
  • Circular opening that helps direct the fresh air up into the burner while cooling the igniter and wiring

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HL290TW-TI-SG-BHS (3672) 

Price: $3,988.95

  • Details
  • Tangential inlet
  • Thermowell
  • Sight glass
  • 3/4-in. NPT upper water inlet
  • Supports/brackets under kettle for burner (burner offered separately)
  • Bottom and side heat shields
  • Clamps, gaskets

  • Dimensions:  38-in.D x 82-in.H

NOTE:  Exhaust ductwork requirements are a function of your installation and building design. We recommend your burner exhaust vent system be designed or verified by a licensed professional engineer to ensure that the system will function as intended. An improperly designed venting system may cause the burners to perform poorly or unsafely.