Lid Gasket | for 20 gal, 23 gal, and 27 gallon Fermenters

Lid Gasket | for 20 gal, 23 gal, and 27 gallon Fermenters


Lid Gasket used for the following:

  • 20 Gallon Conical Fermenter (no wheels)
  • 23 Gallon Conical Fermenter (no wheels)
  • 27 Gallon Standard Conical Fermenters (no wheels).

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SP450LG-RC (768)

Price: $15.79

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Fits Stout Tanks and Kettles' 450mm (18") inner-diameter fermenters without wheels.

See SP510LG (510mm inside diameter) gaskets for our 20, 23, and 27 gallon wheeled fermenters. 

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Tips for Use

  • Author: Patrick Wolpert
    I have given the product a 3 star rating but need to explain. The gasket itself is good, solid and has held up to repeated use. The issue I have is that 2/3 times the lid is placed on the fermentor, the gasket slips out of the channel and there is no seal. It takes 3 of us to get the seal properly and sometimes we just don't have the extra hands to help hold the gasket in place while we set the lid down. We have resorted to pressure testing the seal prior to transferring the wort to the fermentor. Is there any kind of fix for this or at least some tips on getting the gasket to stay in the recessed channel of the lid? We have tried using hot sanitizer and that helps a tiny bit as it relaxes the silicon gasket slightly but it still slips out most of the time.