Wooden Mash Paddle | 3.5 Foot

Wooden Mash Paddle | 3.5 Foot


Our 3.5 foot hand crafted wooden mash paddles are a necessity for any serious home brewer.  Made specifically for all-grain beer brewing, these mash paddles help you easily stir the grains in the vessel during the dough-in helping promote the conversion of starches to sugars.


This 3.5 wooden mash paddle is hand crafted from the highest grade hardwoods available and are ideal for use with our 15 gallon mash tuns to 75 gallon mash tuns and brew kettles.

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MP3.5 (7008)

Price: $49.99

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Features of this hardwood mash paddle:

  • 3.5 Foot/42 Inch Hardwood
  • Hand crafted from the highest grade hardwoods available
  • Beveled edges make it easy to scrape the sides and bottom of your mash tun for an even and thorough mix
  • Sanded smooth and left unfinished so you don't get any contaminants in your beer
  • The extra length and the quality of the wood give you the leverage and strength to handle even the thickest mash

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