Replacement Spunding Glass | 80mm ID
  • replacement glass for a 1.5" TC Spunding Valve with an 80mm inner diameter

Replacement Spunding Glass | 80mm ID


Use this spunding valve to maintain a set pressure in your fermenter in order to naturally carbonate your beer or other craft beverage.

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Price: $28.99

Estimated Availability: January 08, 2022

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Dimensions of this product:

  • Inner Diameter = 80mm (3.15")
  • Outer Diameter = 90mm (3.5")
  • Height = 90mm (3.5")


  • Spunding valves do not replace pressure relief valves on your tank. Your tank still requires a pressure relief valve (PRV) for safety.
  • Spunding valves do not protect the tank against a vacuum condition