15 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank - with Herms Coil and Tangential Inlet (Electric)
  • HL15TW-RHC16-LL-EL1-TI Front
  • HL15TW-RHC16-LL-EL1-TI Inside
  • HL15TW-RHC16-LL-EL1-TI Valves
  • HL15TW-RHC16-LL-EL1-TI Laser Level Etching
  • HL15TW-RHC16-LL-EL1-TI Close

15 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank - with Herms Coil and Tangential Inlet (Electric)


This 15 gallon electric hot liquor tank features a larger 5/8" diameter x 45 foot long Herms coil that will provide faster and more consistent heating.  The tangential inlet allows you to recirculate the water, providing consistent temperatures throughout the kettle (avoids cold spots below the element) and also increases the efficiency of heat exchange when running the HERMS coil.  


This direct fire HLT also features laser level markings on the interior of the kettle and a thermowell located in the rear of the kettle to allow for automated temperature readings.

HL15TW-RHC16-LL-EL1-TI (356) 

Price: $609.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum Capacity: 

This 15 Gallon Electric HLT features:

  • HERMS coil 5/8" OD x 45-ft. long (raised above the element)
  • Tangential inlet (now located near the bottom of the kettle for low oxygen uptake)
  • Laser Level Markings
  • Thermowell and 1.5" TC port
  • 1.5" TC element port
  • Sanitary 3/4-inch ball valve
  • 1-inch NPS adapter
  • (4) Sanitary 1/2 inch hose barbs
  • Tri Clamps and Gaskets

  • Dimensions: 15.75" diameter x 24" H (excluding the lid)

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