16.5 Gallon Wort Grant / HopBack (Combo) - GREAT FOR MIXING AND BLENDING FLAVORS

16.5 Gallon Wort Grant / HopBack (Combo) - GREAT FOR MIXING AND BLENDING FLAVORS


This 16.5 Gallon Combination Wort Grant/Hop Back allows you to use one brewing vessel for both your wort grant and your hopback.

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WGHB15CL-LEGS-XP2 (2586) 

Price: $609.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 16.5 gallons

Features of this 16.5 gallon wort grant / hopback combo:

  • Welded on Legs
  • False bottom
  • Tangential inlet
  • Bottom outlet
  • Upper inlet
  • (2) caps

This tank includes 2 extra 1.5" TC ports for using with level sensors for automated operation of your wort grant. (Does not include sensors, controls, or attachments for these 2 ports). If you do not utilize these extra ports, you will need to install a 1.5" TC cap on each one (not included) to close them off.

For typical usage, expect to be able to put up to approx. 58 to 91 ounces of whole hops in this kettle when using as a hop back, depending on how loose you want your hops to be.

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