20 Gallon Mash Tun (Insulated with Bottom Outlet)
  • MT20TW-RF-BO-INS Valves
  • MT20TW-RF-BO-INS Inside
  • MT20TW-RF-BO-INS Top Outlet
  • MT20TW-RF-BO-INS Bottom Outlet

20 Gallon Mash Tun (Insulated with Bottom Outlet)


This 20 gallon insulated mash tun would be a great choice for any 20 gallon home brew system.  This stainless steel mash tun design gives the homebrewer the ability to maintain a more constant temperature to help promote the conversion of starches into sugar.


This insulated mash tun is also designed similarly to our commercial sized mash tuns where the wort is drained off of the bottom of the kettle.  This will help to minimize the dead space and limit the amount of grains that can get past the false bottom.

Thinking about a larger electric homebrew system? Take a look at our pro grade 1 bbl electric brewing system.

MT20TW-RF-BO-INS (469) 

Price: $879.00

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  • Material: Premium 304 virgin stainless steel
  • Capacity: 20 gallons

This insulated 20 gallon mash tun features:

    • Bottom outlet
    • False bottom
    • Recirculation Fittings
    • Thermowell
    • Thermometer
    • 3/4-in. sanitary ball valve
    • (2) 1/2-in. hose barbs, clamps, gaskets
    • 7.75-in. diameter x 30-in. high

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