20 Gallon Wort Grant
  • 20 Gal. Wort Grant
  • 20 Gal. Wort Grant Rear
  • 20 Gal. Wort Grant Legs
  • 20 Gal. Wort Grant Inside

20 Gallon Wort Grant


A wort grant is an excellent tool to both help prevent stuck sparges when moving from lauter tun to boil kettle, and protect the false bottom from the vacuum created by a pump.  When using a pump to move wort to the boil kettle it can be challenging to monitor and control the flow.  This can result in grain bed compaction and a stuck sparge, as well as a damaged false bottom. 

The wort grant is slowly filled by gravity from the lauter/mash tun to prevent that stuck runoff.  Using the two provided TC ports, you can install float switches or level sensors for a controller that will automatically start and stop the wort pump that feeds the brew kettle. The tangential inlet is conveniently located in the rear and creates a mini-whirlpool that will help concentrate any escaping grains into the center of the grant.

This premium 304 stainless steel 20 gallon Wort Grant features:

  • Tangential inlet
  • Outlet
  • (2) Ports for sensors
  • An ideal companion for 7 to 20 bbl brewing systems ()it works with smaller sizes as well)

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WG20-XP2 (556)

Price: $408.45

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  • Upper and lower 1.5" TC ports for float switches/level sensors for auto grant control systems
  • Tangential inlet
  • Outlet
  • Lid

  • Dimensions:  19.75” diameter x 21"H (excluding the lid)