7 BBL Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS coil and Bottom Heat Shield (Direct Fire)
  • Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS coil
  • Tangential inlet on Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS coil
  • Interior and herms coil on Hot Liquor Tank
  • Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS coil
  • Bottom Heat Shield
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7 BBL Hot Liquor Tank with HERMS coil and Bottom Heat Shield (Direct Fire)


This direct fire 7 bbl hot liquor tank features a built-in HERMS coil that will provide the ability to control mash temperatures. This is done by recirculating wort from the mash tun, through the HERMS coil, and back into the mash tun. 

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HL290TW-TI-HC-SG-BHS (3674) 

Price: $4,474.00

  • Details
  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 290 gallons

This stainless steel 7 bbl hot liquor tank features:

  • HERMS coil and Bottom Heat Shield
    • Bottom Heat Shield - helps protect the burner control components from the heat that can build up under the kettle
  • Circular opening that helps direct the fresh air up into the burner while cooling the igniter and wiring
  • Side Heat Shield - protect the brewer
  • Stainless steel HERMS coil, 76.8' L x 3/4" OD; heat transfer surface area = 15 sq. ft.
  • Tangential inlet
  • Thermowell
  • Sight glass
  • 3/4-in. NPT upper water inlet
  • Supports/brackets under kettle for burner (burner offered separately)
  • Bottom and side heat shields
  • Clamps, gaskets

  • Dimensions:  40-in.D x 82-in.H

Optional upgrade available to Advanced Heat Chamber design. Ask us for details.

Exhaust ductwork requirements are a function of your installation and building design. We recommend your burner exhaust vent system be designed or verified by a licensed professional engineer to ensure that the system will function as intended. An improperly designed venting system may cause the burners to perform poorly or unsafely.

You may wish to install an inline thermometer on the HERMS output side to monitor the wort temperature as it exits the coil. 

With our control packages (sold separately), this can be automated where the recirculation pump is automatically switched on and off to maintain your desired mash temperature.