Peltier Cooling Aluminum Block (for 14.5 gallon Fermenters)
  • Aluminum Block for Peltier Chip to Cool a conical fermenter
  • Aluminum Block for Peltier Chip to Cool a conical fermenter
  • Aluminum Block for Peltier Chip to Cool a conical fermenter
  • Aluminum Block for Peltier Chip to Cool a conical fermenter

Peltier Cooling Aluminum Block (for 14.5 gallon Fermenters)

SKU AL Block-394

With this "Do It Yourself" kit you can save thousands of dollars compared to buying an off the shelf fermenter with this same capability.  This is the most cost effective way to actively cool your fermenter - and the most sanitary, too!


  • (1) Aluminum block for mounting (2) peltier chips.  4"W x 9.5"L with 8 drilled and tapped holes for two fans, plus 8 small holes with pins to trap the 40x40mm chip (chip not included).  Includes chamfers for tie wraps on top and bottom.  Milled to match shape of fermenter.
  • Does not include power supply, temperature controller, insulation, CPU Fans (Heatsink/Fan Sold Separately), or peltier chips.
  • Comes un-assembled (machined aluminum block and 8 pins are separate)

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AL Block-394 (Block #2)

Price: $94.99

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Peltier Fermenter Cooling Kit for Stout Tanks and Kettles 15 gallon fermenters.

Cool your fermenter using solid state peltier chips.  We've machined the aluminum blocks so you can easily make your own DIY peltier cooled fermenter.  A peltier chip is a solid state chip that runs on 12VDC and gets cold on one side and hot on the other.  

By mounting a peltier chip onto our aluminum block and using a common CPU fan to pull heat off of the hot side of the chip, you can provide excellent temperature control.  Each aluminum block can support two peltier chips (CPU Fans and peltier chips are not included). 

We recommend two or three kits for the 15 gallon fermenters.  In most cases, 2 should be adequate for ale fermentation - it depends a lot on your ambient temperatures.

Peltier Kit for for Stout Tanks and Kettles fermenters only. Will only work with the following two fermenter models: CF15TW-RA-3TCLID (202) and CF15TW-WH (220). Will not work with the short-style 15 gallon fermenter.

FAQ about Setup with a Link to a "how to" White Paper

Tip and Tricks For Best Results:

  • Read the white paper mentioned above
  • Be sure the Heat Sink/Fan is tightly mounted on the chip (the screws that are included as part of a Heat Sink/Fan may not work well enough)
  • Use thermally conductive CPU paste between the aluminum block and the fermenter (in addition to using it on both sides of the chip)
  • Insulate the fermenter and exposed areas of the aluminum block
  • Turn the fan over and reattach it to the heat sink, so the air blows AWAY from the fermenter
  • We've been able to achieve 35+ degrees of cooling using 2 blocks with 4 chips (89F to 90F ambient and 51F to 52F in the fermenter) with 6 gallons of wort.  (We can't guarantee the same results for you because of all the variables, but we're quite happy with our results!)
  • One block is probably adequate for a 5-6 gal. batch of ales and two blocks are likely needed for lagers - unless you have a cool space for the fermenter, in which case you may be able to later with only 1 aluminum block.  For a 10-12 gal. batch, if the fermenter is in a somewhat cool location then 1 block might be adequate; otherwise two blocks are likely needed for ales. 

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