Manway Gasket | Shadowless Design
  • Shadowless manway
  • Shadowless manway - opened

Manway Gasket | Shadowless Design


This is a manway gasket that can be used for oval side manways - Shadowless type

  • Tank hole size: 19-1/4" W x 1-3/8" H (measured where tank meets the manway)
  • Door opening size: Approx: 15" W x 11" H (the hole at the front of the manway where the door touches)
  • Manway shape: Oval
  • Gasket material design: Has slot that grabs the door edge; Approx. 7/8" W x 5/8"H
  • Color: black


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SP390X490MWS (8987) 

Price: $30.00

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This manway gasket can typically used on the following:

  • 2 bbl jacketed fermenters
  • 3 bbl jacketed fermenters
  • 3 bbl jacketed fermenters
  • 5 bbl jacketed fermenters
  • 4 bbl jacketed fermenters
  • 5 bbl jacketed fermenters
  • Brite tanks with side manways (non-shadowless design)