Brite Tanks

From home brewing to commercial brewing, we have you covered.  Brite tanks (also known as bright beer tanks, brite tanks, bright tanks etc.) are used for carbonation of beer, as a tax determination tank, and as a serving tank.  We have both jacketed and non-jacketed brite tanks in-stock. 


  • Jacketed Brite Tanks:  Having a brite tank with a glycol jacket connected to a glycol cooling system allows you to precisely control the temperature of the brite tanks.  Beer and other beverages carbonate much easier at colder temperatures, so jacketed brite tanks will save you time and hassle.  You can also lager and serve your beer at exactly the right temperature with jacketed tanks.
  • Non-jacketed brite tanks: If your brewery lacks a glycol system, or if you can store your brite tanks right in your cold room, a non-jacketed brite tank might be the a good option to save some money.  Several of our non-jacketed tanks come with internal cooling coils for temperature controls.