5 BBL Brite Tank (Jacketed)
  • front view of our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • front view of the open manway on our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • front top arm view of our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • CIP spray ball for a 5 bbl brite tank
  • close up of the manway of our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • arm of our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • arm view of our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • front view of the manway on our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • front view of our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • closeup view of the open manway on our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • closeup view of the open manway on our 5 BBL Brite Tank
  • Top view of a non-jacketed 5 BBL Brite Tank from Stout Tanks and Kettles

5 BBL Brite Tank (Jacketed)


Our 5 bbl brite tank has a unified jacket that keeps your beer cold down to the last pint – it functions as either a serving tank or a packaging tank.  The shadowless side manway helps ensure more effective cleaning via CIP. 


This jacketed 5 barrel brite tank is a great option for a standard brite beer tank for brewers who want precise temperature control for lagering brite beer or for serving tanks on display.  If walk-in cooler space is at a premium for your location, easily install this brite tank on your glycol line and put it on display!  This 5 bbl brite tank can also be used for kombucha brewing. 

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Price: $6,191.00

Estimated Availability: November 21, 2024

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 Stainless Steel
  • Total volume: 177 gallons
  • Note:  This is a standard brite tank product photo.  Actual 5 bbl brite tank dimensions and designs will vary slightly.  Please call us directly at (503) 372-9580 to confirm details.

Features of this 5 bbl brite tank:

  • Shadowless Side Manway for easy cleaning
  • Sample valve or quality testing
  • (2) Butterfly valves
  • Adjustable feet for leveling on uneven floors or fine height adjustments
  • CIP arm with ¼” F-NPT port for pressure gauge (gauge sold separately) and rotating spray ball
  • Self-cleaning sight glass fittings use clear draft beer line (not included)
  • Tank material thickness is 3mm, jacket and outer shell thickness is 2mm
  • Rated to 2-Bar (29 PSI)
  • Ports for carbonation stone, PRV (carb stone and PRV sold separately)
  • 1/2" NPT welded thermowell for contactless temperature probe
    • Temp probes are available for purchase separately, with options for single tank-mounted, or multi-tank wirelessly accessible fermentation temperature control panels
  • Also known as a Bright Beer Tank

  • 37.5-in. diameter x 68.5-in. H

Our brite tanks also provide the ability to measure liquid volume until the tank is empty by providing fittings for your clear draft beer tubing from the top of the CIP arm down to the outlet.  This has the additional benefit of self-cleaning during your CIP as the cleaning solution flows from the CIP arm to the outlet while recirculating.  This compares favorably to other supplier’s tanks with glass tubes mounted to the straight side of the tank, which do not provide either benefit.


In addition, the fittings are welded tri clamp, just like what commercial breweries, pharmaceutical plants, and food processing facilities use.  You do not need to disassemble a multitude of parts to clean the kettle, unlike lower cost kettles that have weldless fittings – each of those weldless fittings require complete disassembly to ensure cleanliness..

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