3 BBL Hot Liquor Tank (Direct Fire, HERMS Coil, Bottom Heat Shield)

3 BBL Hot Liquor Tank (Direct Fire, HERMS Coil, Bottom Heat Shield)


Our 3 bbl hot liquor tank with a HERMS coil provides the ability to control mash temperatures by recirculating wort from the mash tun, through the HERMS coil, and back into the mash tun.  Also known as a hot water tank, or hot water pot, this 3 bbl hot liquor tank is a great addition to any 3 bbl brewhouse. 


By providing added convenience and energy savings, the HLT can make your brew days easier and more enjoyable.  It is possible to set your HLT on a timer so it can start heating your water overnight while you sleep.  Your HLT can be automatically making hot water while you are still at home making your coffee.  You can show up in the morning to hot strike water, ready to brew delicious craft beer.

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HL120TW-TI-HC-SG-BHS (2664)

Price: $2,938.95

Estimated Availability: September 02, 2019

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With our control packages (sold separately), this can be automated where the recirculation pump is automatically switched on and off to maintain your desired mash temperature.  You may wish to install an inline thermometer on the HERMS output side to monitor the wort temperature as it exits the coil.  Use the tangential inlet to improve heat exchange efficiency and/or mix in water additions.  Stainless steel HERMS coil, 72' L x 3/4" OD; 14 ft2 of heat exchange surface area.

  • Material:  Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum Capacity: 120 Gallons


  • A bottom heat shield that helps protect the burner control components from the heat that can build up under the kettle. 
  • A circular opening that helps direct the fresh air up into the burner while cooling the igniter and wiring. 
  • A side heat shields that protect the brewer. 
  • Tangential inlet for water recirculation
  • Integrated burner mounts
  • Sanitary sight glass
  • 3" CIP / vent port in lid
  • 1.5" butterfly valve
  • Thermowell with thermometer
  • Burner sold separately

  • Dimensions:  30.5" Diameter x 62" H. 

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