5 BBL Brew Kettle - Insulated (Electric)
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5 BBL Brew Kettle - Insulated (Electric)


Our brew kettles are designed with enough capacity to allow for head space for foaming, evaporation, and shrinkage due to cooling.  This 5 bbl brew kettle has the ability to both boil and whirlpool, which will free up valuable floor space in your brewery and will save you money on brewing equipment.  Conveniently sized, it does not need a platform, and is wide enough to accommodate 5 bbl and still be operational from the floor for an average sized person. 


This 5 bbl electric brew kettle is also available with insulation (for efficiency) and bolted down footings (for safety).  It would be a great addition to building an automated system using our basic or advance control panels.

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BK240TW-TI-SG-EL5-LS1-INS (2492) 

Price: $6,054.00

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  • Material = Premium virgin 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Maximum Capacity = 240 gallons

Features of this 5 bbl brew kettle:

  • Insulated
  • Electric heating
  • Thermowell for your temperature sensor
  • Tangential inlet for whirlpooling
  • Sight glass for measuring wort volume
  • (5) Element ports electric elements (1.5-in. TC)
  • (1) Port/adapter for level sensor
  • Domed top with manway
  • CIP spray ball
  • 6-in. steam vent
  • Conical bottom design for improved trub separation 

 For 30/24kW systems (5x6kw elements).  49.5-in. diameter x 62.5-in. high.

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