4 BBL Brew Kettle - with Conical Bottom (Electric)
  • Front view of a 4 bbl brew kettle used by nano breweries
  • View of the top of a 4 bbl brew kettle used by commercial brewers to make beer
  • view of the bottom half of a stainless steel 4 bbl brew kettle

4 BBL Brew Kettle - with Conical Bottom (Electric)


This stainless steel 4 BBL Brew Kettle is designed specifically for microbreweries looking for cost effective options for their 4 bbl electric brewing system. 


Like our other 4 bbl brew kettle, this is a simple 4 bbl brew kettle with powerful potential for upgrades, including basic or advanced touch-screen panels control panels.


100% Sanitary  |  Easy to Clean  |  Built to Last

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BK190TW-TI-SG-EL4-LS1 (105) 

Price: $4,526.00

Estimated Availability: November 01, 2024

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum Capacity: 190 gallons

Features of this 4 bbl brew kettle:

  • Conical Bottom
  • Tangential inlet with butterfly valve
  • Sight glass
  • (5) ports for electric elements/level sensor
  • Upper wort outlet with butterfly valve
  • Bottom cleanout with butterfly valve
  • Thermowell
  • 6” TC vent port
  • (4) 1.5in. TC x 1in. NPS Adapters for electric elements (elements not included)
  • 3” TC port for CIP spray ball (sold separately)
  • Clamps/gaskets

Note: Insulated brew kettles are also available.  Please contact us directly to discuss options for your brew setup (503) 372-9580.

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