5 BBL Brew Kettle - with Dome Top, Bottom Heat Shield, Sloped Bottom (Direct Fire)
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5 BBL Brew Kettle - with Dome Top, Bottom Heat Shield, Sloped Bottom (Direct Fire)


Like our 3 bbl brew kettle, this 5 bbl brew kettle features a new sloped bottom design that helps to eliminate the risk of scorching the wort in a center pipe, which is a common concern in other brew kettle designs.


This 5 bbl brew kettle contains a bottom heat shield that will help protect the burner control components from the heat that can build up under the kettle and features a side heat shield that will protect the brewer from high temperatures.

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BK240TW-TI-SG-BHS (2662) 

Price: $5,159.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 240 gallons

This stainless steel 5 bbl brew kettle features:

  • Bottom heat shield to prevent scorching of the elements
  • Heat shields around the burner (sides) and above the burner assembly with a 15 1/2" round opening for burner flames
  • 3.75" High gap area provided for the burner
  • Conical/dome top with 15 3/4" diameter manway
  • 6" Steam vent stack connection
  • Sloped bottom
  • Sight glass
  • Tangential inlet
  • Thermowell
  • Bottom trub outlet
  • Wort outlet
  • Racking arm
  • Spray ball
  • (3) Butterfly valves

  • 45" diameter x 61" H to top of vent

Exhaust ductwork requirements are a function of your installation and building design. We recommend your burner exhaust vent system be designed or verified by a licensed professional engineer to ensure that the system will function as intended. An improperly designed venting system may cause the burners to perform poorly or unsafely. We also strongly recommend that an experienced HVAC company perform the installation of the exhaust venting system. 

NOTE: Supports under kettle for mounting burner are sold separately

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