Vorlauf Pipe | 13.5" - 23.5" L (304SS)
  • Vorlauf pipe for 40 mash tun
  • Vorlauf pipe for 40 mash tun
  • Vorlauf pipe for 40 mash tun
  • Vorlauf pipe for 40 mash tun
  • Vorlauf pipe for 40 mash tun

Vorlauf Pipe | 13.5" - 23.5" L (304SS)


Premium 304 stainless steel Vorlauf pipe for Mash Tuns.

  • Connection:  1.5" TC
  • Length:  Approx. 13.5" to 23.5", adjustable
  • Pipe diameter:  1"
  • Material:  304SS

Benefits of the Vorlauf Pipe

  • Prevents channeling of your mash bed (a common problem with using a hose for your vorlauf).
  • Avoids hot side aeration during vorlauf by eliminating splashing when recirculating your mash wort; the outlet is submerged just an inch or two below the liquid level.
  • You don't have to keep worrying about your grain bed and moving grains back to level the bed.
  • Adjustable length works for many recipes.

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SP40VOR (2711)

Price: $83.00

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  • Material:  Premium 304 virgin stainless steel

How to use a vorlauf pipe:

  1. Loosen the nut, then adjust the length of the pipe so that the outlet is about an inch below the liquid level of your mash.
  2. When running your vorlauf, check that you are not splashing your wort - adjust the length as needed to prevent splashing and hot side aeration.
  3. After mash in, attach the vorlauf pipe to your mash tun's upper recirculation fitting.

Length is adjustable from ≈13.5" to ≈23.5". 

1.5" TC connection at top, 1" pipe, 2" diameter wort spreader plate.

Please verify the length vs. your brewing preferences before ordering. 

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