5 BBL Brew Kettle - Non-Insulated (Electric)
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5 BBL Brew Kettle - Non-Insulated (Electric)


Like all of our brew kettles, this 5 bbl brew kettle is designed as a unique combination brew kettle and whirlpool tank.  This will allow you to separate the hot break from the wort prior to cast out.


This 5 bbl brew kettle contains many professional grade features and is 100% sanitary, as there are no threads that touch your wort.

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BK240EL30KW-RH (2736)

Price: $4,449.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Maximum Capacity: 240 gallons

This 5 bbl brew kettle features:

  • Thermowell
  • Tangential inlet
  • Sight glass
  • (3) ports and adapters for electric elements (2-in. TC x 1.5-in. NPS),
  • (1) port/adapter for level sensor.
  • Includes domed top with manway
  • Spray ball
  • 6-in. steam vent
  • Conical bottom design for improved trub separation.
  • For 45kW systems (3x15kw elements).

  • Dimensions: 45.5" Diameter x 65.5"H.

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