TOP SELLER!! - 5 BBL Mash Tun
  • 5 bbl mash tun
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  • 7 bbl mash tun - view of the inside
  • 7 bbl mash tun - view of CIP spray ball on the inside
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TOP SELLER!! - 5 BBL Mash Tun


Like our non-insulated 5bbl mash tun, this insulated mash tuns can be used in a variety of mashing methods.  It is  designed to give you an optimum combination of good extraction, high gravities, and efficient lautering.  This insulated 5 bbl mash tun has many professional grade features and is sized to get the proper grist to water ratio for a high gravity beer without overflowing.  

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Left Hand Orientation:  MT5BBL-OPEN-INS-TALL-LH (9101)

Price: $6,769.00

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 230 Gallons
  • Note: This photo is of our 5 bbl non-insulated mash tun.  The insulated 5 bbl mash tun dimensions and designs may vary.  Please call us directly at (503) 372-9580 to confirm details.

This 5 BBL Mash Tun features:

  • Insulated Mash Tun with slotted/milled false bottom
  • Fittings oriented for left hand side of brewing platform
  • Open top, side manway
  • (3) upper inlets
  • 1.5" TC outlet
  • CIP spray ball
  • Includes clamps and gaskets
  • (1) butterfly valve.
  • Available with or without insulation and/or steam jacketing
  • Right hand (OR) Left hand orientation options available in this design. Please call for details.

Dimensions of this 5 bbl mash tun:

  • Diameter 43.5-inch
  • Height: 75-inch
  • Bottom of grain manway @ 30"

We also have non-insulated mash tuns and 5 bbl mash tun in Right Hand Orientation.  Please call us directly for details.

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