7 Gallon Conical Fermenter - TOP SELLER!!
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter profile view
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter front view
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter top view
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter front view
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter top view
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter top view
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter valves
  • 7 gallon conical fermenter inside view of conical bottom

7 Gallon Conical Fermenter - TOP SELLER!!


This 7 gallon conical fermenter is the perfect sized fermenter (fermentor) for home brewing.  Made from premium 304 stainless steel, this home brew fermenter is a giant step up from a plastic brewing bucket.  You won’t find any cheap threaded fittings here. 


This homebrew conical fermenter features secure, welded on features that are built to last.  Never stamped, always quality, this home beer fermenter is ideal for brewing up to 5 gallons of beer.  If you want to take your homebrewing to the next level, this can help take you there.  

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CF7 (300) 

Price: $344.00

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  • Material: Premium 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 7.3 gallons
  • Estimated number of gallons made: 5 gallons

Features of this 7 gallon conical fermenter:

  • Conical and Stand Assembly
  • Two sanitary 3/4" ball valves (5/8" ID)
  • Three Tri Clamps, with gaskets
  • One Sanitary Hose Barb (3/8")
  • Two Lid Gaskets (one for lid, one for tank)
  • Side outlet is approx. 1" diameter
  • Requires #7 drilled stopper and airlock (not included)


  • 11.8" inner diameter body
  • 13" diameter lid
  • 35" high 
  • 16-1/4" width (at widest point)
  • Legs are spaced around a 12" diameter

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  • Author: Charles O
    After researching conical fermenters from various manufacturers and big name Internet companies I decided on the 7.3 gal fermenter for the reasons of price and finish.

    When the fermenter arrived I was impressed with the quality and the overall finish of the product which was the same what you see on their site. I purchased the optional peltier cooling kit and fabricated my own custom 3/4" neoprene insulating jacket. The fermenter has performed flawlessly through 10 batches and is very easy to clean due to its polished interior. I have brewing friends with other non-polished fermenters and they all say they wish they had my fermenter.

    Great fermenter and I will a larger one when I am ready to increase my batch sizes.