3.5 BBL - 4 BBL Brew Kettle - with Dome Top (Electric)
  • 3.5 BBL Brew Kettle - Electric (with Dome Top) - shown with optional condensate stack
  • 3.5 BBL Brew Kettle - Electric (with Dome Top) - front view
  • 3.5 BBL Brew Kettle - Electric (with Dome Top) - close up of top
  • 3.5 BBL Brew Kettle - Electric (with Dome Top) - open top view
  • 3.5 BBL Brew Kettle - Electric (with Dome Top) - view of CIP spray ball

3.5 BBL - 4 BBL Brew Kettle - with Dome Top (Electric)


This 3.5 bbl - 4 bbl brew kettle features a dome top and top manway and is a great option for high gravity (Big OG) beers for 3-4 bbl batches.  It includes a conical bottom, thermowell, tangential inlet, sight glass and is Insulated for safety and better efficiency.  It also features interior and exterior mirror polished finish that will have any brewpub patron admiring your brewery. 


Like most of our brew kettles, this 3.5 - 4 bbl brew kettle is also available with insulation (for energy efficiency) and bolted down footings (for safety).

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BK190EL-DOME-INS (2732)

Price: $4,704.00

Estimated Availability: June 04, 2021

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Capacity: 190 gallons
  • Note:  This photo is of our very similar 3 bbl brew kettle.  Actual 3.5 bbl - 4 bbl brew kettle dimensions and designs will vary slightly.  Please call us directly at (503) 372-9580 to confirm details.

Features of this 3.5 -4 bbl electric brew kettle with dome top:

  • Insulated for safety and better efficiency
  • Dome Top
  • Conical bottom
  • Spray ball for CIP
  • Thermowell
  • Tangential inlet
  • Sight glass
  • (5) ports for electric elements/level sensor
  • (3) 1.5in. Butterfly valves
  • Clamps
  • Gaskets
  • Dome top includes Ø350 manway

  • Dimensions:  37.5" diameter x 77" height (to top of steam exhaust port)

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