4 BBL Mash Tun (Insulated)
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4 BBL Mash Tun (Insulated)


This 4 bbl insulated mash tun will give you more control over your mash temperature and disperse the temperature more evenly.  The false bottom will promote a healthy mash and a clear transfer of wort to the brew kettle. The 3 recirculation fittings will will help prevent stuck mashes and the side manway will make it easier to clean. 


Like most of our mash tun designs, this stainless insulated mash tun has a beautiful mirror polish exterior finish.

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MT165TW-RF3-MW-INS (2283) 

Price: $4,494.00

Estimated Availability: May 26, 2020

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 165 gallons

This stainless steel 4 bbl mash tun features:

  • Side manway
  • (3) Recirculation fittings
  • False bottom
  • (1) Thermowell
  • Thermometer
  • (1) 1.5in. butterfly valve

  • Diameter: 965mm ID

We have a lot of commercial brewing equipment currently in-stock.  Here are a few other popular stainless steel mash tun designs to consider for your existing or desired brewery:

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NOTE:  The above picture is of our 3bbl mash tun.  The 4 bbl mash tun will slightly vary.