7 BBL Mash Tun (Non-Insulated)
  • Front of 7bbl mash tun
  • Front of 7bbl mash tun with lid open
  • Inside of 7bbl mash tun
  •  7bbl mash tun lid
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7 BBL Mash Tun (Non-Insulated)


Our mash tuns can be used in a variety of mashing methods and are designed to give you an optimum combination of good extraction, high gravities, and efficient lautering.  This 7 bbl mash tun has many professional grade features and is sized to get the proper grist to water ratio for a high gravity beer without overflowing.  

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Left Hand Orientation:  MT7BBL-OPEN-WW-LH (9322)

Price: $7,759.00

Estimated Availability: August 08, 2021

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  • Material: Premium virgin 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 275 Gallons

This 7 barrel mash tun features:

  • Open Top with lid
  • Wedge wire false bottom
  • Rectangular side manway
  • Chute for spent grains
  • (3) Strike, vorlauf, and sparge ports included
  • Available with or without insulation and/or steam jacketing
  • Left hand (OR) Right hand orientation options also available

Dimensions of this 7 bbl mash tun:

  • Diameter 58-inches
  • Height: 73-inches

We also have a 7 bbl mash tun in Right Hand Orientation: MT7BBL-OPEN-WW-RH (9324). Please call us directly for details.

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