20 Gallon Brew Kettle - with Thermowell and Laser Level (Direct Fire)
  • BK20TW-LL
  • BK20TW-LL-Inside
  • BK20TW-LL-Side View
  • BK20TW-LL-Valves
  • BK20TW-LL-Thermowell
  • BK20TW-LL-Handle
  • BK20TW-LL- Sanitary Fitting
  • BK20TW-LL-Laser Level Etching

20 Gallon Brew Kettle - with Thermowell and Laser Level (Direct Fire)


Gain more control over the brew process with this 20 gallon brew kettle.  Designed to use a whirlpool effect just as in professional breweries, this home brew kettle also features a tangential inlet used to create the whirlpool as you pump from the wort outlet and back in through the tangential inlet. 

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BK20TW-LL (2635) 

Price: $424.00

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  • Material: Premium 304 virgin stainless steel
  • Capacity: 20 gallons

Features of this 20 gallon direct fire brew kettle:

  • Dish Bottom 
  • Welded-in 3" 
  • Thermowell with 1/2" NPT fitting
  • Dial Thermometer
  • Sanitary 3/4" ball valve (5/8" ID)
  • Sanitary Hose Barb – 1/2"
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamps with gaskets
  • Laser level etching
  • Actual total capacity approx. 21.5 gal.

  • Diameter = 15.75"; Height =27"; Steel Gauge = 1.2mm

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