15 Gallon Brew Kettle - with Laser Markings (Electric)
  • BK15TW-TI-LL-EL1 (86)
  • BK15TW-TI-LL-EL1 valve
  • BK15TW-TI-LL-EL1 laser level markings
  • BK15TW-TI-LL-EL1 Tangential inlet
  • BK15TW-TI-LL-EL1 Port

15 Gallon Brew Kettle - with Laser Markings (Electric)


Like all of our stainless steel brew kettles we have designed this 15 gallon electric brew kettle to use a whirlpool effect just as in professional breweries.


A tangential inlet is used to create the whirlpool as you pump from the wort outlet and back in through the tangential inlet. This causes trub and hops to gather into a cone on the bottom of the brew kettle.

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BK15TW-TI-LL-EL1 (86)

Price: $479.00